Marcela Tobal Benson is a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Counselor based in Miami Beach, Florida.

A principal teacher at Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness for Conscious Eating, Marcela has been instrumental in carrying the conscious eating movement to an international audience — inspiring nutrition revolutions from Arizona to Argentina, and beyond.

She's a certified Vegan Life Food Master specializing in diabetes & spiritual fasting, with a background in Ayurvedic science & Chinese tonic herbalism. Clients praise her passion, devotion & encyclopedic knowledge, as well as her willingness to teach from her own life experiences.

For Marcela, eating well is an act of love — for your body, for the planet and for all living beings. Her new book, Love, Peace & Vegetables, outlines a new approach to health & nutrition, where love is at the center of every plate.

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